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In Loving Memory of Richard Allan
April 1, 1938 - April 24, 2013

The Plan of God
by Richard Allan

A born-again, Spirit-filled believer for over 45 years, Richard studied the Old and New Testament writings, by choice,
outside of any seminary or Christian organization.  His greatest blessing in sharing with others was his wonderful
gift of discern
ment...discernment concerning man and his ways, and discernment concerning God and His ways. 
With over 75,000 hours
in the Word of God, and his uncompromising consecration to the things of God, Richard was
blessed with abundant
revelation and spiritual insights pertaining to God's Plan as revealed in His Word.

 Richard and  Teresa, for many years focused primarily on sharing the often misunderstood Gospel of Jesus Christ
within the
confines of prisons and detention centers.  But now, a few of Richard's teachings are available through this
website to
a general Christian audience.  You will be blessed by his enthusiastic sharings, the zeal and thirst he had
for God, and the
manner in which he was able to get God's Truths across so that all reading or listening to his teachings
can easily grasp what he was trying to

Richard found God ever so faithful to His promise to all believers in Christ, that "He is a rewarder of them that diligently
seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6), those that truly live and speak the things of God, and separate themselves solely unto Him.
Yes, God does bless and reward those who diligently seek Him and His Word...He blesses them with more and more
revelation of Himself, of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Spirit and of His glorious Plan of Salvation and His Divine Plan for The
  So may you be greatly edified as you listen to, or read,some of the things Richard has left for us that are available
concerning the things of God that were revealed to him.  



by Richard Allan 

All the rejection that the world and Satan can bring to bear against me grows strangely
dim in light of Your acceptance of me.

Thank you my God and Savior for your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Divine Justice and the
Power that You display in and through my weakness.

You are my Absolute Sovereign and the Supreme Monarch of all that is or ever will be. 
You reign as The Utmost over the uttermost of all You’ve created.  And although I came
to exist by human desire, I now by Your Desire exist anew.  How very privileged and
special I feel by being touched with Your Plan of regeneration.  "Why Me?" has been my
new creation life’s question for 40+ years now.  For more than half of my fleshy existence
I have marveled at Your Word, Your Mind and Your Plan.  And this wonder of all wonders
will never end, but keeps on getting more and more wondrous.  Why me?  Because Your
Divine Will willed it.  I need know only that for now, until in Your timing I will know as fully
as I am known.  And from what You’ve shown me about the state of Your end time affairs,
the return of my Lord Christ is about to occur.  May I be as holy as is earthly possible until
that moment arrives, and not for the sake of personal gain, but to glorify Who You are and what
You’ve accomplished.  

I am as a race horse at the starting gate, a compressed spring awaiting the moment of release
into Your immortal world of incorruption.  As I tremble with anticipation for that moment of escape,
I hold every facet of this corrupt world in utter contempt, and particularly so I regard with disdain
the fallen one responsible for all the degradation I see displayed at every turn and in every realm
that finds itself part of this despicable life, a life that You Rightly call death.



For some of Richard's teachings, click below:


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